UK National 6-a-side Championships FAQ


What is the UK National 6-a-side Championships
The UK National 6-a-side Championships is the biggest and best 6-a-side tournament in the UK. It brings together over 250 6-a-side teams from the width and breadth of the United Kingdom to compete in a fun, competitive day long event to see who will be crowned the best 6-a-side in the UK.
Who can enter the UK National 6-a-side Championships?
Entry to the UK National 6-a-side Championships is open to all, providing you are over 16 years of age. We accept everyone, male and female, old and young - with all standards of ability entering.
How do we register for the Championships?
Registering for the Championships is easy! You just need to search 'Rugby' on the search function on the homepage of the website, from there you will be able to navigate to the Championship page, and simply click on the 'Register Now' button to complete your entry.
How much is it to register?
There is a one off fee of £100 to register for the Championships. This covers your participation and public liability insurance for the days event. You'll be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games, but can play even more if you qualify for the knock out stages.
How many players do we need?
The Championships are for 6-a-side teams, and you can have a maximum of 3 subs, so the overall squad size for the day is 9 players. Substitutes are roll on, roll off throughout the game, so it's up to you how much game time each player gets.
What time will my games be?
Your fixture times will depend on where you are based. We run two sessions, a morning session and an afternoon session. The teams that are based closer to the venue will be in the morning session, with teams who have to travel from further away being in the afternoon session. You will receive a phone call in the weeks prior to the tournament, when you will be told which session you are going to be in.
What do the winners get?
The winning team on the day will receive a LARGE CASH PRIZE! It will be up to the team captain how it gets divided up though..