Become a Referee

Become a Referee
Become a referee



We believe in the following: 

 1. Any verbal abuse, including single swear words towards a referee, should result in a permanent ban for that player or team for all future UK National 6-a-side Championships

 2. If players are violent on the pitch then that should be dealt with by the police, not the governing body or event organiser. 

3. Violence or abuse on the pitch should be treated exactly the same as if it were on the street. 

4.Players and teams should not be allowed to play in a league where the referee that dealt with them initially, referees. If in doubt, the player or team simply cannot play. The referee is in charge and their views take precedent. 

5. The referee should be treated with respect, as they are in rugby and hockey, and if they are not we don’t want those players in our leagues. 

6. It shouldn’t be about money to keep a team in a league. If the referee doesn’t want them in the league then they shouldn’t be playing. 

7. We never take the word of a player over and above the word of a referee. 

8. We don’t believe in committees handing out insignificant punishments. If a player is abusive to a referee, they simply don’t play- ever. 

9. If a referee recommends to us that a player or team might in the future cause a problem then we remove that player or team immediately. The referee is the sole authority on who plays or doesn’t play in the league.

Your safety comes first and our insurance is the best in the industry. It is even more comprehensive than most football associations in the world. As an international organisation we have partnerships with the governing bodies of small sided football across Europe. We are the best because we treat our staff the best.